How Can the Family Farm, Thrive Into the Future?

Small family owned farms need to be re-envisioned and supported by the community, or this important resource will not be here for future generations.

In working with dedicated family farmers, most talk about this need for community support. Mark Zinniker, a 3rd generation farmer of the Zinniker Farm – The oldest Biodynamic Farm in America, summed it up perfectly "The hardest thing for a farm to produce is community value - apart from food value."

Another common theme is the distinction between stewardship of the land and food production. Mark explains that the more food that you produce, the more you take from the soil, so food quality will eventually suffer, which is why Biodynamic methods of regeneration & fertilization are so important. But even with best practices what leaves the farm must be replenished.

At Angelic Organics which has some of the healthiest soil around, Farmer John only works 1/3 of the land during a season so they can replenish the soil in a holistic way. Although they produce higher quality food, it becomes difficult to charge an equitable price.

Part of the mission of this website is to educate - bringing these kinds of important distinctions in full transparency to light.

At Family Farm Initiative our mission is to change our relationship to the farm and to make it easier for you to connect with and support a family farm.

This project can only succeed with your help and ideas. We have been inspired with many passionate people just like you.

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