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1st Community Meeting @Zinniker Farm

September 18, 20221 min read

Saturday, 10/23/2021, we had the first community meeting at the Zinniker Farm.  We were greeted by a perfect fall day, a choir of birds, cool weather, bright sunshine and a bonfire!

After we went around and introduced ourselves, Mark gave a brief history of the Zinniker Family Farm and he asked some very relevant questions that we are faced with today (there is a link below to that video)

The conversation was lively and we came away with warmth of community and our first steps forward.

We decided to form a core group to work with Petra and Mark.  The short-term goal is to get a real understanding of a sustainable budget that includes everything!  After all, how can the farm thrive into the future unless we understand the economics.

After we understand the needs, how will we come around the farm as a supportive community to share the bounty of the land – and take the risks of farming off the farmer.

It addresses a statement posed by Mark, “the hardest thing for a farm to produce is community value

At the meeting, Jessica Fuchs, Robert Karp, Hazel and Chuck Ginsberg volunteered to be on the core group. 

To become a supporter of Zinniker Farm go to the Patreon page, Please help by sharing this link.

We are happy to have you as part of our community as we reimagine our relationship to the earth and our food.

Chuck & Hazel Ginsberg

Hazel & Chuck

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